The Seduction of 'Wellness Real Estate'
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The Seduction of 'Wellness Real Estate'
rendering of Deepak Chopra unit
rendering of Deepak Chopra unit

The endocrinologist-turned-entrepreneur Deepak Chopra is back on the list of The New York Times bestsellers this week, as he often is. According to The Chopra Center, the leader has authored “more than 85 books.” At some point keeping an exact tally may have become difficult.

I tried finding the precise number, but searching at most booksellers returns numbers in the hundreds. On Chopra’s website, the “books” section contains 155 items, though among them is “Invigorating Abhy Oil to Balance Kapha” and “Women’s Daily Vitality and Soothing Support Package.” Those aren’t books, at least as I understand the word. They are proprietary blends of “supplements.” The latter sells for $53.95 for an unspecified quantity, promising “rejuvenating aid,” because “when our body experiences the less than desirable effects from the stressed environment that surrounds us our body requires special care.”

Chopra has been selling our body antidotes to life for two decades, and he has taken on most ingestible platforms. Now he is striking out into the booming domain of “wellness real estate”—building living spaces ostensibly designed to optimize bodily functioning. In collaboration with the design firm Delos and real-estate firm Property Markets Group (PMG), he is finishing construction of a 68-unit luxury tower in Sunny Isles Beach, on the barrier island abutting North Miami Beach. Two angular penthouse units resembling white glass-marble sky mausoleums are listed for $18.5 and $19.5 million.

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