Oprah's 'happiness guru' to design apartments that maximize joy
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Oprah's 'happiness guru' to design apartments that maximize joy
rendering of a Deepak Chopra unit
rendering of a Deepak Chopra unit

Happiness guru and alternative health practitioner Deepak Chopra — who gained mainstream attention after his appearance on Oprah in 1993 — is now venturing into home design.

Chopra helped design the apartments in a new complex, Muse Residences, in Miami, Florida, and tells Business Insider that the units are made to promote residents' happiness and overall well-being. Each condo will have filtered water, purified air, and lighting that mimics natural sunlight.

"The place that you live in is your extended body," Chopra says. "The air you're breathing is your breath, and the water is your circulation ... So you have to take care of it."

Prices for the units start at $5 million, though the two penthouses are asking $18.5 million and nearly $20 million, according to Forbes. As of late January, 70% have been sold.

Take a look at the renderings of the complex, which will open in early 2018.

To read the article in full article at Business Insider, click here.

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