Could micro-units’ boost your social life?
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Could micro-units’ boost your social life?

Chances are, you’re not friends with your neighbors. Maybe you nod and occasionally trade comments about each other’s dogs, but past that, it’s a nonexistent relationship. But a new boom in micro-units—classified in SoFlo as apartments smaller than 550 square feet—is changing the way you socialize with the people next door.

For Brian Koles of Property Markets Group (PMG), whose Vice project in Downtown Miami (230 NE Fourth St) is slated to open August 2018, micro-unit dwellings boil down to behavioral economics: Experiential purchases are more valuable than material goods. “People are a lot more experience-driven now,” says Koles. Tenants of Vice’s 464 units will have built-in reasons to socialize. “Property managers are tasked with planning social events. It gives everyone an excuse to meet their neighbors and live better lives outside their apartments.” The concept of a small living space and social programming may sound familiar to anyone who spent time in a university residence hall. And that’s not the only idea borrowed from the college experience. PMG also offers leases on single rooms in multibedroom apartments, effectively creating a social environment inside the home as well.

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